This wedding has quite a story… When walking around on my parents smallholding one winter morning, I came to realise activities not usually associated with a Saturday are going on all around me. Upon questioning I learned that there was going to be a wedding. Now like any professional, when you learn something are happening so close to home, but without the services you usually supply away from home – you offer your services. And so it came about that my lazy Saturday were turned into a fun-filled wedding on my doorstep…

SO here we where: A couple from Malelane in Mpumalanga, Friends and Family from around Gauteng, A Hartbeespoort Wedding Photographer and A Sunny Winter Morning… Mix this together and you are welcomed to Luan and Carolien’s Wedding.

I met Luan and Carolien (seperately) down at the stables to photograph some individual pictures of the bride and groom. Luan went to the “chapel” to meet the guests on the back of Sir Lancelot, while Carolien waited for him down at the stables. When he collected her, the joy where tangible and once at the “chapel” and a quick kiss (yes we caught you) they danced/run down the aisle together where the pastor awaited them with a moving service and message. The emotion on their faces and the passion they share for God and each other dominated the wedding ceremony and where visible throughout the rest of the day.

We decided to do the couple photoshoot at the end of the day, before sun set and after the guests went home. And even after a whole day, their passion and love where still tangible and when you browse the photographs below, I am sure you will agree.

Luan and Carolien, we have an amazing God and sometimes He just provides. May the rest of your marriage be as blessed as your wedding day. And may you never forget this Hartbeespoort Wedding Photographer.

Keep well,

Wedding Photography Hartbeespoort
Bride at wooden stables
Bride and Groom arrive at chapel
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Vows
Signing of the wedding registry
Hartbeespoort Wedding Photography
Wedding Couple in Field with Mountain
Hartpeespoort Wedding
Wedding couple dance
Bride and Groom on Wedding Day
Wedding Photographer Hartbeespoort
Happy Wedding Couple
Stable Wedding Photography
Bride and Groom
Wedding Photography in Hay
Sunset on wedding day
Wedding Images of Luan and Carolien
End of a perfect Wedding