Muldersdrift a picturesque valley on the outskirts of Krugersdorp and Johannesburg boost with a few wedding venues, and it was here that Karabo and Katleho found the perfect wedding venue for their wedding. EnGedi – the oasys in the cradle – a wedding venue, spa and restaurant which as the original Hebrew name (EnGedi) suggests,  an oasis. Tucked away in The Cradle of Humankind, this multi-purpose venue is focused on providing an oasis experience as it was with the wedding of Karabo & Katleho. Muldersdrift is close enough to the city to be easy to use and far enough to have a relaxed atmosphere. Winding stoned-tiled pathway across the lawn leads to an impressive pergola, which is a perfect chapel for those wanting an outside ceremony surrounded by lush green gardens, exquisite flowers and shrubs. True to Muldersdrift, EnGedi’s gardens are in top shape throughout the year… with fountains, roses and arches – what more would a bride like for her wedding venue.

Bride Accessories

What Karabo likes about Katleho:

I like that cute, baby smile of yours…so unpretentious.
I like the passion in your voice when talking about things closest to your heart.
I like it ha o bua SeSotho…with flair & a sense of humility.
I like watching you pray, tightly closing your eyes as if saying to our Father…nothing else matters but YOU!
I like the simplicity & practicality of your thoughts…yet so profound.
I don’t know how you are able to remember what I was wearing the 1st time…2nd time…3rd time…last year…last week…you saw me, BUT I like the fact that you care.
I like how you remember every word I say & hold me accountable to it…it reminds me to speak less & always say what I mean.
It amazes me how much attention you give to even the smallest details of daily life & yet live so carefree…it’s almost like you’re in control of everything.
I like your soft skin…it’s amazing how such tenderness is able to house such tenacity & the toughness of your inner self.
I don’t know when your hair is real & when it’s not…cause it always looks so good, I like!

I am so glad God gave me forever to explore you…I suspect I’ll need more time than that – you are awesome!

Bride getting ready - Engedi muldersdriftGroom accessories

What Katleho likes about Karabo:

I think I love how He loves God more than anything, it makes me feel so safe with him and that I can trust Him with my all and my future – he definitely knows where his priorities lie, A clear sense of purpose in life… And yes- its my pleasure to be his help, meet and follow him beacuase he knows where is going.

Groom - Engedi Muldersdrift
The beautiful bride, Katleho, shone from the inside as she greeted us. Her heart warmed by the love she has for God and her supportive hubby, Karabo… I would like to share some words that she posted on her facebook page today (just to give you an idea of the type of person she is)

“A virtuous wife dresses elegantly but she doesn’t strive for outward beauty that just turns men’s heads towards her – she strives for inner beauty that turns men’s hearts towards God”

Wow, what a women!
Engedi Wedding Ceremony - MuldersdriftEngedi Muldersdrift Chapel
As the bride walked down the aisle the chapel filled with awe, smiles and some tears… A beautiful ceremony followed with the most amazing vows that I have heard in my life (…and I have heard a few before…).

Katleho’s vow:

I vow to love you now and as you grow and develop into all that God intends. I will love you when we are together and when we are apart; when our lives are at peace and when they are in turmoil; when I am proud of you and when I am disappointed in you; in times of rest and in times of work. I will honor your God given goals and dreams and help you to fulfill them. I will respect you and honor you. I will pursue to be your crown. From the depth of my being, I will seek to be open and honest with you, a better and purposeful help meet to you. I will seek to love you more, to care for you and to cover you. I say these things believing that God is my help in fulfilling my vows to you. I love you.

bride and groom sitting on bridge reflecting in water at Engedi in muldersdrift beautiful african bride and groom inlove at Engedi in muldersdrift bride and groom photography at Engedi in muldersdrift african bride and groom kissing near fountian with reflection in water at Engedi in muldersdrift happy bride and groom having fun with photoshoot at Engedi in muldersdrift happy bride and groom inlove at Engedi in muldersdrift bride on swing with groom at Engedi in muldersdrift bride and groom photography at Engedi in muldersdrift bride and groom having fun with veil photography at Engedi in muldersdrift top view of bride and groom at Engedi in muldersdrift bride and groom on vintage chair reflecting in mirror at Engedi in muldersdrift bride and groom inside photography with chair and mirror at Engedi in muldersdrift
African Bride and Groom Engedi African Wedding Unfortunately we did not have time for a formal couple photography session, but we have these few shots of them and their family before the lovely reception started. But we would surely go back to the venue to do a couple session with them with their wedding clothes ;)  …
Engedi Wedding VenueKarabo & Katleho Muldersdrift WeddingWedding Reception Hall Engedi Muldersdrift
The reception hall filled with voices, song and dance as the bridal party entered in the traditional way – with a dance… The directors of the reception program (Phumla Mabuza and Jeff Mashigo) attended to each step with care… With the arrival of the bride’s family, the guest where all there and the joy was tangible. Karabo and Katleho the people who are a part of your life, are honoured to know you, and Michelle and I are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this memorable day of yours…
Bride and Groom Wedding Reception at EngediHappy Bride and Groom and EnGedi Reception Festivities EnGedi Muldersdrift
At twelfth o’clock when the venue closed, we climbed into our vehicles and drove home and my thoughts started going over the day…

Some key notes that stood out from Karabo & Katleho’s wedding at EnGedi:

> The relaxed atmosphere
> The noticeable care the people present had for one another
> The grace and humble personality of the bride
> The completely captivated groom and the great smile he has…
> Engedi in Muldersdrift is a great wedding destination

May your life and marriage be filled with all that is good and may you experience the love of our Heavenly Father every day. Enjoy your photographs, cherish the special moments and keep on making new memories :)

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