A Pre-Wedding Photography shoot in Irene has long been a dream of mine… When Lizel asked if we could do their engagement photosession at Irene Dairy Farm my dream come true – An engagement shoot at Irene Dairy farm (Close to Centurion) with the fun-loving, energetic couple – Hendre and Lizel.

Irene is well known for the farm style living close to (and these days within) Pretoria and Johannesburg. The Irene Dairy Farm is a family owned business that is now open to the public to enjoy the farm, eat at the restaurant and enjoy a picnic in the shade of the large trees – And it is a photographers paradise – with an old barn, footpaths between large trees and green grass next to a waterpond for the ducks. My next dream… I would love to be a wedding photograper at Irene Dairy Farm…

We decided to start the photography session down at the meadows where the cows graze (and even took a few images within the hay feeder), moved to the waterpond where they where brave enough to take their shoes off and play in the water with their toes (even though the water was freezing cold) Next up… the tyre swing in an old tree which gave some great natural laughter images and where the old trunk proved to be an ideal photographic backdrop. The sun was now lower in the sky and the barn had a soft lighting from the western side, but that spot was taken by another photographer so we went for a stroll down the “lovers lane” of trees and did our own expression of a photobooth infront of the shed afterwhich we could end our shoot at the Irene Dairy Farm Barn – the perfect ending to an amazing pre-wedding photoshoot.

Hendre and Lizel, thank you for making the shoot so much fun, for being keen on every idea – even if it meant that you had to dance around in hay and climb through fences (we missed the gate…) to get the image I had envisioned.
May you enjoy these images and may they be a reminder of the love you have and the reasons why you decided to get married. I look forward to your family weekend wedding at Sediba Kwele (A game farm close to Brits) and know that this will be even more love-filled and the end result from my side – Beautiful Wedding Photographs :)

Warm Regards,

Pre-Wedding Photography Irene Dairy Farm

Hendre & Lizel Verlowing Foto's

Enagement Shoot Images

Farm Photoshoot

Farm Photography

Irene Dairy Farm

e-shoot natural

Waterpond and couple

Irene - Photoshoot

Centurion Gauteng

Old tyre swing

Fun Wedding Photobooth

You are Mine Forever

Amazing e-shoot photographer

Loverslane photography

Old Barn - Irene

Irene Dairy farm Barn Photo

Best Wedding Photographer

Engagement Ring